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The ÖRAG legal protection insurance AG was founded in 1970 and is based in Dusseldorf. The legal protection insurance is part of the association of public insurances and the savings bank finance group. The company is also the 5th largest legal expenses insurance company on the market. 

The corporation has 2 subsidiaries. One is DRS Deutsche Rechtsanwalts Service GmbH and Deutsche Assistance Versicherung AG. With the DRS, ÖRAG has founded a company that offers high-quality legal services within the association of insurers and the Sparkasse finance group. Deutsche Assistance AG focuses on the function of the central product provider and risk carrier.

Contract modules in a modular system

Since 1998, legal protection insurance has been the first insurance company to offer its customers contract modules on a modular basis. The company offers building blocks for private life, work, traffic, as well as house and apartment. These can be combined individually. Depending on the customer's request, a deductible of € 150 or € 250 can be agreed. Insured persons who cover at least three areas and have not used any benefits for three years receive the deductible waived. 


Typ Versicherung
Höhe der Einlagensicherung unbegrenzt
Land der Einlagensicherung Deutschland - DE
Beschreibung Einlagensicherung Einlagen sind durch die Protektor Lebensversicherungs-AG gesichert, die von allen namhaften Versicherungsgesellschaften getragen wird.
Einlagensicherungssystem Auffanggesellschaft Protektor Lebensversicherungs-AG
BankingCheck User-Siegel: 5,0
Service, Beratung & Support5.0
Banking & Prozesse5.0
Weiterempfehlung: 100 %
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