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Credit Europe Bank is a Dutch bank which, with around 5,000 employees, is one of the top 10 Dutch banks.

As a solid international financial service provider, Credit Europe Bank has numerous branches in Europe - such as in Frankfurt for the German market. Credit Europe Bank offers both call money and time deposits for private customers.

This means that the fixed-term deposit from Credit Europe Bank is among the top 5 fixed-term deposit offers in our comparison.

deposit security

As a Dutch bank, Credit Europe Bank NV Germany branch is subject to the Dutch deposit guarantee system, which was implemented by the Dutch central bank (De Nederlandsche Bank NV) and guarantees deposit guarantee up to €100,000 per saver. Customer deposits are therefore 100% secured with Credit Europe Bank NV up to €100,000 per person.


Typ Direktbank
Höhe der Einlagensicherung 100.000 €
Land der Einlagensicherung Niederlande - NL
Beschreibung Einlagensicherung Alle Einlagen bis 100.000 Euro sind zu 100% garantiert.
Einlagensicherungssystem Niederländische Einlagensicherung / Depositogarantiestelsel

Verfügbare Produkte und deren Bewertung

BankingCheck User-Siegel: 4,0
Service, Beratung & Support4.0
Banking & Prozesse4.0
Weiterempfehlung: 90 %