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The Volksbank Karlsruhe Baden Baden eG  is the oldest credit union in Baden and was established in 1858 as loan association in Carlsruhe. Today it employs 397 people in 27 branches and, as a cooperative bank, has 41,926 members.

In addition to the traditional banking offers, the product range also includes the new electronic banking services of a direct bank. Volksbank is also active in the business areas of real estate brokerage, insurance, building society savings, leasing and factoring.

As members of the cooperative bank, customers are shareholders of the bank and have a say - regardless of the size of the business share. They are also entitled to attend the meeting of representatives and receive a profit sharing with an attractive dividend (probably 5% pa).

Criticism and suggestions are very important to the Karlsruher Volksbank. Customers can give their bank their opinion in order to give it the chance to optimally respond to the wishes of the customers.

Deposit insurance

Volksbank Karlsruhe is affiliated with the protection scheme of the Federal Association of German Volksbanks and Raiffeisenbanks (BVR). All members pay solidarity contributions to compensate a bank's customers in the event of insolvency. So far there has not been any bankruptcy, so that no investor had to be compensated by the deposit insurance. The BVR protection scheme was recognized by law as early as 1976.


Typ Filialbank
Höhe der Einlagensicherung unbegrenzt
Land der Einlagensicherung Deutschland - DE
Beschreibung Einlagensicherung Die Gewährleistung (Schutz aller Einlagen ohne Betragsbegrenzung) durch die BVR Sicherungseinrichtung ist dem gesetzlichen Einlegerschutz vorgeschaltet.
Einlagensicherungssystem BVR Institutssicherung GmbH und Sicherungseinrichtung des Bundesverbandes der Deutschen Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken e.V.
Bewerten 1416
BankingCheck User-Siegel: 4,8
Service, Beratung & Support4.8
Banking & Prozesse4.8
Weiterempfehlung: 98 %