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As the largest public personal and property insurer in Germany, the VKB Group now has 15 insurance companies and strong regional brands: Versicherungskammer Bayern, Feuersozität Berlin Brandenburg and Saarland Versicherungen.

The Munich-based Versicherungskammer Bayern has over 4,000 advice centers in the Bavaria and Palatinate region and works together with the direct insurer BavariaDirekt . The product range offers comprehensive protection against life and property risks for private customers, companies, farmers, employees in freelance professions as well as for public bodies and institutions. Versicherungskammer Bayern pays particular attention to prevention - because prevention is always better than claims settlement.


In terms of service and qualified customer advice, Versicherungskammer Bayern is very well positioned in the regions with participating savings banks, insurance agencies, Raiffeisen and Volksbanks, insurance services and branches. The product range is available online via the cooperating BavariaDirekt. The Bavarian Insurance Chamber has already been able to prove its service with numerous quality and test seals as well as awards.

To history

The slogan "Royal protection - because your safety is important to us" draws on the 200-year history of Versicherungskammer Bayern. The then King Max founded a Bavarian fire insurance company from which one of the largest insurance groups developed over the centuries. However, the insurance today offers much more extensive insurance cover than when King Max was alive.


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Einlagensicherungssystem Auffanggesellschaft Protektor Lebensversicherungs-AG
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