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figo’s mission is to “build the backbone of next generation financial services”.

Our banking API enables developers, startups and even banks to connect to every financial service provider. These partners can access every bank account (current, savings, loan, securities, ...), credit card, eWallet and other financial services through one single REST-API. It is possible to extract account information and initiate bank transfers & direct debits.

With our API, old and new players of the financial service industry are able to easily develop and test new services without the inconvenience of connecting to every single bank.

Currently, the API is fully functional in Germany and partly in Austria (more countries to follow). Please contact us for access to our API.


Art der Bank Finanzdienstleister
Höhe der Einlagensicherung Nicht vorhanden
Land der Einlagensicherung nicht vorhanden
Beschreibung Einlagensicherung nicht vorhanden
Einlagensicherungssystem nicht vorhanden